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Date: 12th May 2016
Electric Lifting Emulsification Machine
Wuxi Nuoya Machinery Limited Company is one of the leading electric lifting emulsification machine manufactures and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.ny-machinery.com, welcome to buy discount or wholesale newest and high quality electric lifting emulsifying machine, electric lifting emulsifier, electric lifting mulser, electric lifting emulsifying mixer from us. Features: The pot cover takes the form of electric-move-up-and-down. The material in water pot and oil pot is sucked into emulsifying pot in vacuum by transmission pipes. The emulsifying pot is designed to be titted over in case to dump products. The material can be heated by electrical heater with help of heat-conductive medium it can also heated bygasi. The heat temp, can be set and automatically controlled. Material cooling is available. It is easy to operate. There is temperature- keeping sheet betweer inner and out sheath Different stirring modes can be used simultaneously or individually. All the processes of crushing, emulsifying, mixing, stirring and dispersing can be accomplished within a short time. The area touching working material is made of stainless steel(Commonly used 304, medical 316L ), With innter surface polished, the vacuum stirring equipment meets the need of hygiene and are manufactured in accordance with GMP standard. It is best for the production of ointment, cream, etc. Working Process:The materials are heated and mixed in water pot and oil pot to be fully reacted. Sucked into emulsifying pot by vacuum pump, the materials are stirred by both the center blade and side scraper, which works on the wall. In the process of blade-stirring, the materials are continuously crushed, pressed, folded. Then, the materials are sent to the cut-off mixing until where they are finally crushed into small pellets of 200u M~2uM. Besides, because of the vacuum in emulsifying pot, the bubbles generated during stirring and mixing process are sucked out from material. Technical Parameters: TypeComponentName Type5 Type10 EmulsifyingPot DesignVolume(L) 6 12 Capacity(L) 5 10 ScraperStirringPower(kw) 0.18 0.18 ScraperStirringSpeed(kw) 10~120 10~120 Cut-offMixingPower(kw) 0.55 0.55 Cut-offMixingDiameter() 50 50 Cut-offMixingSpeed(rpm) 1000~3300 1000~3300 WaterPot DesignVolume(L) 3 6 Capacity(L) 2.5 5 StirringPower(kw) 0.015 0.015 StirringSpeed(rpm) 60~1000 60~1000 OilPot DesignVolume(L) 3 6 Capacity(L) 2.5 5 StirringPower(kw) 0.015 0.015 StirringSpeed(rpm) 60~1000 60~1000
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