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Date: 14th May 2016
Paste Making Machine
Wuxi Nuoya Machinery Limited Company is one of the leading paste making machine manufactures and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.ny-machinery.com, welcome to buy discount or wholesale newest and high quality paste emulsifying machine, paste mulser, paste emulsification machine, paste emulsifier from us. 1.Has the mixs,tirs,disperser,isotropic,emulsification,refining and so on many kinds of functions,versatile; 2.Stabilization of production one, but infinite repetition confirmation. Especially in the dairy product,the drink, food and in the drugs production craft appears importantly. 3,Does not have the fried glutinous rice cake, does not have the pellet,does not have the briquefting agglutination information? 4.High efficiency:Compares with the traditional craft,may reduce 80% operating time, the enormous enhancement production efficiency,reduces the production cost.? 5.Already widely is suitable for the continual automatic production line, also is suitable for the different raid of production application situation. 6.Is suitable specially for the high viscosity, is difficult the material which dissolves (fviscosity to be possible to reach 90.000mPas) 7.The equipment does not the dead angle, may completely on-line CIP/SIP Conforms to the hygienic requirement and the standard 8.Modular structure:Does not need the scene to install the debugging but to use directly, reduces greatly installs the cost.
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