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Date: 12th May 2016
Planetary Mixer
WuXi Nuoya Machinery Limited Company is one of the leading planetary mixer manufactures and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.ny-machinery.com, welcome to buy discount or wholesale newest and high quality planetary mixer from us.Part 1. Introductions:The planetarty mixer has the high-speed dispersing shaft, low speed shaft, and wall scraper, which can be used for mixing, cutting, dissolving, scraping the wall. Because the vessel wall is finished by the large vertical lathe and is polished by the large-scale automatic polishing machine, the rotation of the scraper will completely scrape the material in the vessel wall, which will improve the mixing effetiency. The unique temperature detection device in the transmission shaft ensures that the material temperature error is less than +-1 Degree Centrigrade.Part 2. Model and Type:According to the quantity of High Speed Agitator and Slow Speed Agitator, the Planetary Series Mixer includes the following five kinds of Mixer:1. Dual Planetary Mixer (SXHJ): 5L-500L, with two pieces of Slow Speed Agitators;2. Planetary Power Mixer (XDHJ): 5L-1000L, with 1 no. Slow Speed Agitator and 1 no. High Speed Agitator;3. Dual Planetary Power Mixer (SXDHJ): 5L-1000L, with 2 no. S Slow Speed Agitators and 1 no. High Speed Agitator;4. Dual Planetary Dual Power Mixer (SXSDHJ): 100L-1000L, with 2 no. S Slow Speed Agitators and 2 no. S High Speed Agitators;5. Multiple Function Mixer (Customized Type): Dispersing Plate/Emulsifying Head/Three Stars Agitator /Wall Scrapers/Butterfly Agitator /Twist Frame/Rectangular and so on.Part 3. How to choose the model of the Planetary Series Mixer?1. Viscosity of the raw materials;2. Whether the dispersing function of the mixer will destroy the raw material structure;3. If possible, please supply the name of the raw materials, the chemical specifications, corrosion, production conditions(heating, cooling, vacuum and so on).Part 4. Technical Parameters:Technical ParametersXDHJ Series Planetary Power MixerModel15L100L200L300L600L1000L1Revolution Motor Power (KW)1.533422302Revolution Speed(with Frequency Converter) RPM0~400~600~400~400~350~353Rotation Speed(with Frequency Converter) RPM0~600~700~600~600~450~454Dispersing Motor Power(KW) Speed(with Frequency Converter) RPM0~10000~14400~14400~14600~14700~14806Vacuum (Mpa)? -0.0987Lifting Stroke (mm)420680850900100011008Temperature Testing MethodTesting during Motion9Mobile ContainerSingle Layer Container, Jacket Container, or Electricity Heating Container17.5L118L232L350L651L1162L? 265*318? 550*500? 680*640? 745*803? 960*900? 1160*1100Electricity Heating ContainerHeating Power(KW)4141622404810Hydraulic Extruding MachineTotal Pressure(T)152535508011NOTES(1)The common model is equipped with 1 piece of Jacket Container and vacuum pump;(2)The Electricity Heating Container includes Heating Coils, Cooling Coils and Bottom Jacket.(3)We can make the customized type mixer according to the customer' s demands.
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