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Date: 14th May 2016
Suction Powder Type Mixed Dispersing Emulsifying Machine
Wuxi Nuoya Machinery Limited Company is one of the leading suction powder type mixed dispersing emulsifying machine manufactures and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.ny-machinery.com, welcome to buy discount or wholesale newest and high quality suction powder type mixed dispersing mulser, suction powder type mixed dispersing emulsification machine, suction powder type mixed dispersing emulsifier from us. Product Description On-line powder suction can avoid the pollution of dust and effectively separate the solid and the liquid so as to provide convenience for the-emulsion and dissolution. The machine enjoys high quality due to its excellent material,low noise and stable operation. It produces no pollution on material and adopts module combination,which is the best choice for articled that have high requirement on cleanness such as medicine,food and cosmetic. Its structure is reasonable for easy assembly and dis-assembly. It is applicable to the working conditions such as normal pressure Vacuum and pressure. Optional mechanical seal:single end face,double end face APPLICABLE TEMPERATURE:=1 60?C (to be determind for highertemperature) Motor:Common of Explosion -proof (for selection) Material:304 or 316 L ffor selection The bath processing capacity requirement for final products This serial machine type has the function of short-distance feeding, high elevated feedincl must be selected;the materials with high vis-cosity and solids may result in abnormal feeding,at this time the pressure pump or feeding pump should be selected the pumps pressureand flow should match the selected machine type Technical Parameters Type Power Stirring speed Flow Outer pressure Imported Exit Kw Rpm m?/h Mpa BOXR-120 4 2900 12 0.15 ?32 ?32 BOXR-140 7.5 2900 18 0.2 ?38 ?38 BOXR-165 15 2900 25 0.3 ?50 ?50 BOXR-200 35 2900 50 0.38 ?76 ?63 BOXR-260 75 2900 80 0.45 ?89 ?76
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